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is not appropriate for speedy deletion, the page must be edited to remove the speedy deletion tagthis will, in turn, remove the page from Category:Candidates for speedy deletion. However, if at the end of the initial seven-day period, the discussion has only a few participants (including the nominator and/or it seems to be lacking arguments based on policy, it may be appropriate for the closer to relist. Userfy Articles, templates, miscellaneous pages This would move the page into the creator's userspace so that they may make improvements. Use for all rename discussions other than for categories and stub templates (both of which are done at Wikipedia:Categories for discussion ). However, if subsequent editors have added substantive comments in good faith, the nomination should not be speedily closed (though the nominator's opinion will be discounted in the closure decision). It can sometimes be better to allow a few extra days even if current discussion seems very clearly to hold one opinion, to be sure that it really will be a snowball and as a courtesy to be sure. A relisted discussion may be closed once consensus is determined without necessarily waiting a further seven days. Closers should review these policies to confirm the criteria are met, and then use their discretion. Deletion requested by subject Deletion discussions concerning biographies of living persons who are relatively unknown, non-public figures, where the subject has requested deletion and there is no rough consensus to keep, may be closed as 'delete' per the deletion. Sock-puppetry : If blatant, individual comments may be tagged (this is likely to be seen as lacking good faith or offensive if the case is not clear). Refine (or "Keep and refine Redirects The redirect should lead to a specific section of the page it currently targets (e.g. rannveigheitmann blogg eskorte i norge


Saugeile Deutsche Maus.

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In general, administrators are responsible for closing these discussions, though non-administrators in good standing may close them under specific conditions. Common outcomes Outcome Commonly used for Details Keep All A rough consensus to retain (i.e. Although the dating ærlig belarusian stats polytekniske institutt steps for closing deletion discussions vary from one deletion discussion venue to another, a few general principles apply at all venues. These include commenting yourself, rather than closing, or extending the period of discussion, noting this is done due to concerns and to allow other editors to comment. Usually, both closing and relisting are administrator actions. Early closure is inappropriate where it appears that the withdrawal is simply an attempt to short-circuit an ongoing discussion. Move (non-category pages or Rename (categories) All Issues to be addressed by changing the page title (and perhaps then expanding or improving its content). Transwiki If consensus indicates a transwiki should take place, but you do not want to complete the transwiki process immediately: Add a new entry to Wikipedia:Articles for deletion/Old/Transwiki. Before deleting a page through the speedy deletion process, verify that it meets at least one of the criteria for speedy deletion, check the page history to assess whether it would instead be possible to revert and salvage a previous. In this process, an editor places a tag on the article or the file, and any editor can remove the tag to save the page. If you wish to merge templates or categories, use the deletion discussions. This can happen at AFD especially, if the article could be suitable for Wikipedia, but is created under an inappropriate title, and was nominated for deletion, but consensus agrees it is fixable if the title is changed. If a nomination has received few or no comments from any editor with no one opposing deletion, and the article hasn't been declined for proposed deletion in the past, the closing administrator should treat the XfD nomination as an expired. If the nomination has received very few or no comments but appears controversial to the closing administrator, or has been declined for proposed deletion in the past, the discussion may be closed at the closer's discretion and best judgement. Early closure In general, deletion discussions should remain open for at least seven days (168 hours) to allow interested editors adequate time to participate. Not delete) a page, though not necessarily in its current form. Of a redirect or trivial content at the target page name) or merger. If there is a lack of comments, or the action to take is unclear, the discussion may be relisted for an additional seven days. This is because deletion discussions are not a vote ; it is important to be reasonably sure that there is little or no chance of accidentally excluding significant input or perspectives, or changing the weight of different views, if closed early. The nominator is banned, so their edits are not to be retained. Scripts such as User:Evad37/XFDcloser automate the process. There is consensus among the community that problematic or likely-problematic articles 1 with an appropriate redirection target may be blanked and redirected by any editor if there are no objections. The deletion process encompasses the processes involved in implementing and recording the community's decisions to delete or keep pages and media. Nomination is an immediate objection to a prior deletion outcome, more appropriate for deletion review List it at deletion review on the nominator's behalf, and link it appropriately (including linking it from the closed discussion notify the nominator, and close the deletion discussion. Closing discussions that run their full time Discussions are usually closed after seven days (168 hours). For relisting requested moves, see Wikipedia:Requested moves Relisting. If the tag remains after seven days, the page can be deleted.

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